Recovery Expectations

The recovery from cataracts surgery is usually quick with little or no problems. If a phacoemulsification procedure was done recovery will be all the more quick and uncomplicated. With more standard cataracts surgery, the recovery time is still fairly short but due to the necessity of healing of sutures it is longer for a full healing process.

Normally the patient can go home the same day as the surgery. The patient should be sure to make arrangements for a ride home as driving after eye surgery isn't possible.

Bending and lifting are usually prohibited for a few days after surgery.

Follow up visits with a doctor are normally the next day, the following week, and then a month after the surgery to see how the healing process is progressing.

Sometimes an eye patch is prescribed for a day or two after surgery.

There will be some discomfort and perhaps some leaking of fluid from the eye. Pressing on the post operative eye will cause damage, so the patient must take extra care to treat the eye delicately and wipe away any discharge with a clean tissue without rubbing or pressing.

The ophthalmologist will usually prescribe a pain medication.

A few days after surgery most if not all discomfort will disappear.