How Do Cataracts Affect an Individual's Life?

In those individuals who develop cataracts, any activity which requires clear and sharp vision may eventually become affected as the cataracts grow and allows less and less light from an image to be projected onto the retina through the lens. Even though cataracts usually develop over a long period of time, over the years the worsening of the condition may affect the ability of the individual to read, drive, see family members' faces clearly, cook, sew, or any number of activities that require clear eyesight.

For those with yellowing/browning of the lens, their blue and purple color vision is affected causing problems when matching clothing, seeing pictures correctly and other activities associated with color.

In some cases, cataracts patients see halos around lights. In others, the glare from car lights at night become bothersome and driving at night may be dangerous. Although far sight is affected more than near vision, if the cataracts is bad enough, reading can become difficult as well. The independence so valued by many seniors may become severely limited in cases where cataracts are advanced enough to preclude or limit the enjoyment of everyday activities.