Conventional Treatment Options

In earlier times, before conventional solutions had been perfected and introduced to the general public, many individuals who were diagnosed with cataracts went on to lead a life that included foggy and decreased vision. In today's age of technology and advanced research, thankfully, there are more attractive options.

If a cataract is causing minor vision problems, many patients will opt to better their vision through glasses or contact lenses. Eventually, however, when and if the cataracts begins to have a greater impact on the quality of life of the individual, there is the option of surgery.

Glasses and contact lenses are an option for many individuals in the beginning, before the cataracts develops into a major problem. There are various contact lens types to choose from and may be more convenient for people who have an active lifestyle, work outdoors in the elements or do not like how they look in glasses. For some individuals who have had eye surgery in the past, contact lenses are the preferred choice over glasses, as glasses sometimes produce uneven vision for these people.

However, in terms of conventional treatment, glasses and contact lenses are only temporary fixes for a cataracts problem. Once the cataracts or cataracts worsen and the quality of life deteriorates, and the cataracts can no longer be improved through the use of glasses or contacts lenses, the only other option is conventional surgery.