Capsula Lenticularis

Capsula lenticularis. The capsule of the crystalline lens.
Capsula preaquosa. A name given to the membrane of Descemet, Capsular advancement. For the relief of squint a modified form of the ordinary operation, in which the incision and the sutures involve the capsule of Tenon as well as the tendon of the muscle to be advanced.
Capsular advancement of de Wecker. This is one of the oldest forms of the so-called capsular advancement. De Wecker made an incision over the insertion of the capsule, isolated the tendon and raised it with de Wecker's double advancement hook. A suture threaded to three needles is then taken, the central needle is passed through the center of the tendon from the scleral surface outward; and each of the other needles is passed beneath the conjunctiva to a point in the vertical meridian of the eyeball 3 or 4 mm. back from the corneal margin as shown in the figure. The thread is then cut in the middle, making two sutures.

Advancement by the Method of de Wecker Showing Introduction of Sutures.

These two sutures can be tied separately in the ordinary way, the two ends of the lower suture together. But de Wecker chose to tie the corneal end of the upper suture to the muscle end of the lower suture; and the muscle end of the upper suture to the corneal end of the lower suture. In this way he made in effect a single crossed suture, making it impossible to draw the lower part any more or any less tense than the upper. He hoped thus to avoid drawing the tendon of a lateral muscle either upward or downward and thus changing its plane of action. Subsequently de Wecker practiced his capsular advancement with division of the tendon in some cases, and also employed a stitch resembling that suggested by Savage.

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